Eco Flooring Solutions

Spring bond underlay

One of the Eco-Flooring solutions we have to offer is Spring Bond underlay. Made from 85% of recycled PET plastic bottles and other single use plastics, it is a opportunity to make a difference and reduce plastic waste.

Not only is it a great ethical option but it is also a high-performance product that is light, flame resistant, easy to fit, dust-free and can be recycled at the end of its life.

  • 85% Recycled fibres and recyclable after use
  • Maximum performance, minimal environmental impact
  • Added comfort, warmth and softness underfoot
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties
  • Odourless and no harmful VOC content
  • Naturally breathable: moisture, rot and mildew repellent
  • Light weight, easy ‘fit’ and dust free

smartstrand carpet

SmartStrand carpets are strong, soft, clean but also green. 37% of SmartStrand fibres are made with natural starch, making it the most eco-friendly yarn available on the market today. The amount of energy required to produce SmartStrand is 30% less than with other fibres, because of this the whole production process requires less energy. Consequently the process emits 63% less CO2 than other synthetic fibres.

  • Permanent built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance protection
  • Wash stains off with water
  • Renewable plant based materials
  • ISO-Green signature
  • Luxury comfort experience
  • Natural UV-resistance
  • Remarkable resilience
  • Revolutionary fibre

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